Hello and welcome to a world of colour and texture.

On this site you will find a variety of semi abstract works including landscapes, flowers and figurative work all executed with vibrant and glowing colours.

My aim is to produce beautiful and uplifting images – I don’t do angst – so enjoy browsing the galleries and please, let me know what you like.


PS – If you like my work, you can scroll down this page and follow me on Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hope you and Tom are well, Pamela. We have had a difficult few months after Frank fell off his bike and sustained two fractures to his pelvis, so he was chairbound for three months and even more like Victor Meldrew than ever. He finally got going again in April and we have just walked 130 kilometres with six friends on the Camino de Santiago. We knackered ourselves completely and are still in recovery after three weeks back. I don’t think we’ll repeat the experiment.
    I’ve missed your news, having just realised that you had changed your website. Hope you can brighten up our day with your lovely colours again.


    1. Hi Pat
      Apologies for being off grid for so long. Poor Frank – sounds awful, but great that he is back on his feet.
      We were both feeling down recently as it looked like our house would never sell. I am happy to report that not only has it been sold but that we have bought a property in Corstorphine, Edinburgh – pretty much exactly where we wanted to be. We get the keys on Friday of this week. All our stuff is in storage and we are staying with Thomas and family. Next week we are with Jenny. Hopefully we will move in week after that if I can get carpets organised.
      So no artwork being done. However, I hope to convert a garage at the new place into a studio, if we have enough money that is. Edinburgh property prices are out of control at the moment. But it’s where we want to be so we had to shell out. Can’t take it with you.
      Wee bit of work, mostly decoration, needing done but will delay decisions on that front until we move in.
      Other than that, we are both well.
      With love.
      Pamela xx
      Ps T sends his best wishes too.


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