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A wee work nicely framed

Us arty types are always posting pics of our work – of course we do – we want others to enjoy and admire the fruits of our labour and we are always hopeful for a sale.

It is extremely difficult to get your work into a gallery, and if you do get picked up it’s exciting, but it can be expensive. If, like me, you don’t live near very many galleries you can end up driving many, many miles to hand in a couple of works or you need to use costly delivery companies.

Also, you have to frame your work – more expense – and of course there’s the cost of art materials.

If the work sells that is great but if it doesn’t you are left very out of pocket.

So why do I keep on keeping on? Quite simply I can’t not. It is like being an addict. I try to minimise my costs but it is not easy.

So what I am saying I suppose is that very few artists make much money. I consider myself lucky in that I sometimes cover my costs.

Maybe one day I’ll make lots of sales but until then I’ll just keep on keeping on.

So here’s a wee framed collage that will be travelling circa 75 miles to a gallery Christmas show. Let’s hope it’s a one way journey.


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