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Colour Wheels, Life drawing and painting

I decided at the end of Summer that I needed to challenge myself artistically and as I live out in the country, to get a bit more social contact.

So I signed up for a class at the Glasgow School of Art on colour. One day a week for 18 weeks. I didn’t realise it was a ‘life’ class but I have to say it is the challenge I was looking for. And it is hard work.

I haven’t drawn or painted from life for more years than I am willing to admit, and it has been quite intense so far. Ten minute charcoal sketches,

five minute sketches, two minute sketches, one minute sketches. No time for detail, just quick impressions of form.

Last week we started painting with a limited palette. Three colours from the same part of the colour wheel, white and one other from the opposite side of the wheel.

I found this difficult as I have never paid attention to colour wheels/colour theory and needed help. So I need to get myself a colour wheel.

Anyway, the image is the study from that session. Took about two hours in total. Hope you like it.


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