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Art class – new ways of thinking

So my life painting class continues and at the heart of it is using colour.

Slowly, I am realising that we are being encouraged to consider the ‘harmony’ within a work. My approach has always been ‘get your darks dark and your lights light’ – which is a valid way of working, but I am finding that this harmonious way of painting can deliver some exciting results.

For example, when painting skin, it is more important to think about how the colour harmonises with the garment and/or backdrop it is against. In other words, it does not have to be skin colour and the backdrop colour can be whatever you want to make the painting more exciting.

Interesting approach and potentially very ‘free’. Could be what I have been looking for for some time to help my work ‘loosen up’ when painting figures.

Last week I used a limited palette of red through to yellow with touches of blue. It was coming along nicely but a bit tamely. At the suggestion of the tutor a magenta pink background was introduced, touches of which were used on the skin and hair to create ‘harmony’.

Definately added something. Here’s the result of 2 hours work. Not a finished work, but a very useful exercise.

Ironically perhaps, my other work – landscapes and floral works – are full of colour and pretty free. Visit my website and you’ll see what I mean.




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