About Me

I live in Edinburgh …although I previously lived in the countryside surrounded by fields and with a large, beautiful garden full of flowers, both of which provided much of the inspiration for my work.

I’ve been painting for most of my life… but only began exhibiting and selling my work a few years ago.

My work is generally expressive and colourful…. and I love mixing mediums and using collage, metallic inks and paints to create texture and points of interest. I am fascinated by the marks and patterns made by man and machinery on the countryside and by the movement and exuberance of plants and flowers and this is strongly reflected in my work.

I have a thing about collage… My collage work is an exploration of shape, colour and texture. I begin by covering sheets of paper with random ‘marks’ using paint, inks, and crayons and a variety of utensils to create interesting shapes and texture.

These papers are then ripped and the fragments used to create the basis of a landscape composition on a canvas on which a boldly coloured sky has already been painted.

I then use more paint, ink, etc to create a sense of depth and direction and to embellish details and/or add more until I am happy with the result. A single work takes several days to complete.

And I just love flowers…. My flowery works begin with random marks made by splashing and pouring thinned paint onto a sheet of heavyweight paper.

I then build up the shapes and outlines suggested by these marks using inks, watercolours and acrylic paints to create expressive and colourful, semi abstract floral works.

My aim in these works is to capture the spirit and joyfulness of flowers and a large work can take several weeks to complete.

I have work in private collections….. across Scotland and in Cumbria, London, Los Angeles, Brussels, and New Zealand, and I regularly show my work in exhibitions and in commercial galleries.

So that’s a bit about me. I hope you enjoy looking at my creations.


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