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Flowers and more flowers

If you've read my recent posts you will know I love to paint expressive, semi abstract flowers and hopefully you've had a look at my website and had look at some of them. Well my good news for today is that I sold a framed work via a gallery in the Scottish Borders - it's… Continue reading Flowers and more flowers

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Art for Christmas – bouquets that last for ever

I've been pretty busy over the past 2 week sorting out work for Christmas shows - writing lists, filling out forms and a bit of framing. Feels like I've not painted for ages! But truth is this is where all the painting leads - unless you want to keep an ever growing collection of your… Continue reading Art for Christmas – bouquets that last for ever

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A wee work nicely framed

Us arty types are always posting pics of our work - of course we do - we want others to enjoy and admire the fruits of our labour and we are always hopeful for a sale. It is extremely difficult to get your work into a gallery, and if you do get picked up it's… Continue reading A wee work nicely framed

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Lovely flowers – some feedback

I love to paint and I consider myself a creative sort of person but, when it comes to talking about or describing my work I can get a bit tongue tied.I had stated that I was trying to capture the way flowers made me feel rather than trying to paint realistically. So it was like… Continue reading Lovely flowers – some feedback