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Flowers and more flowers

If you’ve read my recent posts you will know I love to paint expressive, semi abstract flowers and hopefully you’ve had a look at my website and had look at some of them.

Well my good news for today is that I sold a framed work via a gallery in the Scottish Borders – it’s called ‘A Heady Mix’, it is on A3 paper and executed with ink, acrylic inks, watercolours and metallic ink. Nice and splashy and a bit textured too. It’s difficult to see from the photo, but there are some serious blobs of gold ink in there!  If you like it check out my other flowery works on my website. 🎨😊💖

Art · artwork · Buy art · flowers · Painting

Art for Christmas – bouquets that last for ever

I’ve been pretty busy over the past 2 week sorting out work for Christmas shows – writing lists, filling out forms and a bit of framing. Feels like I’ve not painted for ages! But truth is this is where all the painting leads – unless you want to keep an ever growing collection of your own work.

So various bits and bobs will be on show and hopefully there will be a few sales. Fingers crossed.

However, I have a few – 7 to be exact – lovely A4 sized, splashy, semi abstract flowers that would make super Christmas presents and that can easily be ordered directly from me.  Executed using watercolours and inks they are vibrant and full of movement.

I am offering these A4 sized, original works on quality paper, set in an A3 mount (mat) with backing board i.e. – they are ready to frame – and wrapped in cellophane for £125 inc p&p.

So if you are looking for something different to give as a Christmas present – perhaps an original work of art could be the answer.

The catch is that if your want one, you would need to order very soon to make sure you receive it in time for Christmas.

You can see these works on my site on the ‘Flowers- small works’ page and you can contact me from the site too.

Here’s one of them – this one is called ‘Fiery and Fabulous.


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A wee work nicely framed

Us arty types are always posting pics of our work – of course we do – we want others to enjoy and admire the fruits of our labour and we are always hopeful for a sale.

It is extremely difficult to get your work into a gallery, and if you do get picked up it’s exciting, but it can be expensive. If, like me, you don’t live near very many galleries you can end up driving many, many miles to hand in a couple of works or you need to use costly delivery companies.

Also, you have to frame your work – more expense – and of course there’s the cost of art materials.

If the work sells that is great but if it doesn’t you are left very out of pocket.

So why do I keep on keeping on? Quite simply I can’t not. It is like being an addict. I try to minimise my costs but it is not easy.

So what I am saying I suppose is that very few artists make much money. I consider myself lucky in that I sometimes cover my costs.

Maybe one day I’ll make lots of sales but until then I’ll just keep on keeping on.

So here’s a wee framed collage that will be travelling circa 75 miles to a gallery Christmas show. Let’s hope it’s a one way journey.


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Lovely flowers – some feedback

I love to paint and I consider myself a creative sort of person but, when it comes to talking about or describing my work I can get a bit tongue tied.

I had stated that I was trying to capture the way flowers made me feel rather than trying to paint realistically. So it was like getting a present when a lady gave the following comment on one of my flowery works on paper.

She said ” it’s summer and fresh air – that lovely feeling of no time agenda – just enjoying being”

Spot on. Here’s the image.

It’s executed on paper with inks and watercolours and I haven’t got a title yet. If you can think of one please let me know 🌹🎨