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Life painting – It was too cold for the model to undress

It was too cold for our life model to undress, so she just unpinned her hair and lay down on the platform fully clothed. Her unruly hair and unconventional style of dress – dungaree shorts and thick tights – at first made it seem more difficult to capture than her unclothed form might have. It seemed odd to be painting a person with their clothes on!

However, it made for a very interesting exercise. I used a palette of magenta and blue against a greeny/turquoise background and was quite pleased with my efforts.

A couple of weeks later, in my wee studio, I decided to turn the study into a finished painting. Using orange, yellow and touches of cadmium red, I added bold pattern and refined the figure here and there.

Here’s the result so far. Not sure if I should leave the yellow stripes as they are or if they should all be lined with red. What do you think?



Art · artwork · Painting

Last life painting session before Christmas (click to see full image)

Since October, I’ve been doing weekly life drawing and painting classes and I am learning so much from them.

Monday was the last one before Christmas and we spent the whole day on one pose. This time we had a young male model who was very slim with wide shoulders (male models are usually older with a lot of girth!)

I decided on a blood red background and used yellow, blue and magenta with a bit of greeny grey for flesh tones. As I had all day to work on it, it is pretty much finished – maybe a wee bit of tidying up of the hands and feet – we’ll see.

The shadow of his arm gave me problems, and I am not 100% happy with his shoulder. As we are not allowed to take photos of the model, I have nothing to reference in order to make changes so might just leave well alone.

My favourite bit is the head. Let me know what you think.

Pamela 😄🤔🎨