Tiny Flowery Work

All the works on this page are executed on heavyweight art paper, are presented in a 2.5 inch double mount and wrapped in cellophane. Would make a lovely, wee gift for someone special (or maybe yourself).

Sizes stated are the actual image size without mount / mat. Please note all sizes are approximate.

‘Pearly Pink’ 12 x 15 cm (24.5 x 29 with mount) £75
‘Candy Stripe’ 12 x 15 cm (24.5 x 29 cm with mount) £75
‘A Lively Bunch’ 12 x 15 cm (24.5 x 29cm with mount) £75 SOLD
‘Pale Pink and Spotty Reds’ 12 x 15cm (24.5 x 29cm with mount) £75
‘Flowery Daze’ 9.5 x 24 cm £60
‘Blazing Border’ 12 x 15cm, £75