Pamela, thank you so much for the wonderful painting for my Mum’s birthday. It captures the view perfectly, exactly what I hoped for! Thank you also for the care and attention you gave the painting for transport – very kind and thoughtful. I look forward to buying more work from you again in the future.
M Latimer, Callander
Picked up the package today… the pictures are stunning! I’m tempted to get all 4 seasons! And the snowy tree is just so atmospheric … so much movement and vitality in it, I just want to be 10 years old and ‘in that scene’. Gorgeous! Loving your blogs too. Your work is inspiring. Love it!
M Robinson, London
Painting arrived safe and well today.   I love it! – the depth of colour, the motion of the water and the spray look even better than they did online.    So glad I jumped in an bought it before others had time to consider it.   Will be browsing your site again soon.
M Scanlan, Cumbria
Wanted to let you know that we are delighted with our new piece of art that we bought from you recently.    I just love the movement in the flowers and the vibrancy of the colours. I enjoy looking at it every day as it gives me a sense of happiness and calm. I’m so pleased I bought it.  It hangs in our living room and all our friends admire it and make complimentary comments about it when they visit.   Thanks again, lovely doing business with you.
Mrs & Mrs Darroch, Glasgow
I now have 7 of your paintings and if I had more wall space I would have more.  I love your work.  For my Christmas I have asked my children to commission a portrait of my grandchildren as I think your portrait work is excellent.  Really good likenesses.

A Rodie, Glasgow
I now have your painting hanging in my house and it looks great.   It is vibrant and full of life and a number of my friends have commented on its uniqueness.
M Doherty, Kirkcudbright
Just love my new painting – a scene at the Lake of Menteith.   You capture the moody atmosphere of the land alongside the Lake so well.   Thank you.
W Fox, Glasgow
Pamela, I am delighted with my painting.  The vibrant colours and the lively expressions of the Bolivian women chattering (much as we do when we meet) raise my spirits every time I look at it.   For me, this painting is all about friendship and it makes me smile to think what gossip is being shared.  I just love it.
A Potts, Stirling
The portraits are fantastic, you have done a great job, you have even captured his wee, funny ear in the second one and totally captured his personality.   Thank you so much.
E Clark, Glasgow